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Forum Rulebook

Post by Makarov on Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:42 am

1. Excessive Flaming/Trolling/Bullying - The use of any Derogatory, belittling, disdainful, or malicious comments directed at another player
(1 Warning -> Warning bar increased -> 24 hour ban.)

2. Spamming - Spamming is frowned upon, unless you don't over do it, double posting. Use discretion.
(1 Warning -> Warning bar increased -> 24 hour ban.)

3. Illegal content - Any Illegal content posted on the forums is prohibited, do not do it.
(No warnings -> Warning bar increased -> 24 hour ban -> 48 hour ban.)

4. Sharing Accounts - Sharing accounts with another player is strictly prohibited. One owner per account.
(No warning -> 24 hour ban + warning bar increase.)

5. Discrimination - Discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, race, religious views, etc.
(No warning - 48 hour ban.)

6. Excessive Disrespecting Staff - Any disrespectful, contemptuous, or impertinent comment directed at a staff member.
(1 warning -> Warning bar increased -> 48 hour ban.)

7. Posting pornographic content - Any redirectory, link, or form of pornographic images/videos found on the forums. (Including Hentai)
(No warning -> 14 day Ban)

8. Ban Evasion - Creating a new account to avoid an IP ban on another account
(No warning -> Permanent Ban)

9. Advertisement - Advertising other Gaming forums, or game related forums etc.
(No warning ->Permanent ban.)

Green - Warning - Ban
Orange - Temporary Ban
Red - Permenant Ban

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